Managed WiFi

Our cloud managed Wi-Fi is about smarter and simpler Wi-Fi. Our competitively priced, wireless networks make it simple to spread seamless Internet connection throughout your organisation from offices, hotels, shopping centres to schools, bars and clubs.

Advantages of managed Wi-Fi:
Scalable, Modular Hardware

Our access points and cloud controllers can create enterprise-grade wireless networks at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional networks.

Powerful Cloud Management

Our cloud controller helps you build, manage and monitor your wireless networks from anywhere in the world. You can set multiple SSIDs, control bandwidth for individual users, charge for access, design custom splash pages, monitor network health, and much more.

Competitive Pricing

Our Wi-Fi systems are competitively priced compared to other wireless solutions. With hardware designed from the ground up to fit even the smallest budget, combined with a cloud controller, we can provide an affordable professional, enterprise-grade, cloud-managed wireless network

Seamless Connection

All access points work together to form a self-organising wireless network with seamless roaming between access points meaning you will never lose your connection. You can extend your network to the furthest points of your property without the need for cabling.

Tailored to your needs

We can ensure you get wireless coverage exactly where you need it. Access points can be mounted on a wall, a ceiling, a pole, a roof or wherever else you need them. Our access points are stylish and unobtrusive and blend in seamlessly into any environment.

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